EEI sells and programs Itron ERT units! EEI is an Authorized Itron ERT Programmer.  Ask us how we can help on your next ERT deployment project.

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EEI sells, programs, repairs, disposes, and installs Itron ERT devices.  This makes EEI a one-stop complete vendor for all of your Itron needs.

Itron ERT Sales

EEI is able to competitively price and sell Itron ERT units to municipalities.  Contact us for more information on states serviced.

Itron Programming

Energy Economics, Inc. can program your Itron devices as part of a new sale, repair, or install indexes and pre-program to help you save time and money when you install them on meters in the field.

Itron Installation

EEI can also install your ERT units as part of a meter repair process.  We can install your pre-programmed devices as well.

Itron Repair and Disposal

EEI can test used ERT units.  We help dispose of your defective ERTs in an environmentally friendly manner and provide documentation.

Trust EEI with all of your Itron needs.

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