Commercial Transfer Proving

Energy Economics Inc. offers many field services on a contract basis. This can be useful when your measurement department encounters unforseen workloads. Think of EEI as an extension of your measurement department.  We can test your meters in your shop or on site at installed location.

EEI can perform commercial transfer proving your diaphragm, rotary, and turbine meters in the field.  Diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters can be tested up to 10,000 CFH.  We have experienced personnel who can verify the accuracy and perform maintenance on the meter under test. Typically they perform an initial accuracy test, cleaning, adjusting and replacing worn parts. If the meter needs to be adjusted to come back into spec the technician will do that too. If the meter needs to be repaired then our meter technicians can perform rotor or bearing replacement, oil change, grind valves, replace bushings or gaskets – whatever is required to bring that meter into specifications.

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