EEI – Offering Quality Services to the Gas Industry Since 1975

Energy Economics, Inc. specializes in providing custom solutions for the utility and pipeline industries. EEI offers over 47 years of experience in providing cathodic protection, anodes, meter sales and repair, specialized industry software, and prover electronics. Complete solutions are available from our trained staff, who continually strive to find the best options and exceed our client’s expectations.

Your Natural Gas Meter and Regulator Partner

Our meter repair technicians ensure your commercial and residential meters measure accurately.  The EEI sales team works with utilities across the country to accommodate individual repair requirements.  Ask about our extensive natural gas product line, or enquire about our sonic nozzle prover. Your EEI service team is ready to help make sure your projects start on time and meter shops are stocked.

Your Cathodic Protection Partner

We make buying corrosion protection materials easy.  Put our distributor network to work for you.  Our full line of Cathodic Protection materials means less time tracking deliveries for: anodes, rectifiers, test stations, coupons, backfill, and more. We custom manufacture magnesium anodes and offer a variety of linear, canister, and tubular anodes.  Email your material list to: sales@eei.com.  Our team sends you a custom quote for your project.

Have corrosion concerns?  Put our NACE Certified Cathodic Protection team to work for you.  We offer a variety of natural gas line surveys as well as a full line of Cathodic Protection Construction services including surface and deep well ground beds as well as AC mitigation and other grounding projects.  Our team partners with utilities and Cathodic Protection engineers to mitigate corrosion and maintain the integrity of your gas line assets.

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