High Potential Magnesium Anodes

EEI provides high potential primary magnesium anodes for use in soil. These anodes are furnished in 1, 3, 5, 9, 17, 32, and 48 pound sizes. Soil anodes are usually packaged with a back-fill consisting of 75% gypsum, 20% bentonite and 5% sodium sulfate and with a ten foot #12 AWG lead wire or customized to your size and color specification.

EEI Packaged Anodes – Product Description:

The high cost of corrosion can be substantially reduced by installing a cathodic protection
system to transfer the corrosion from the structure being attacked to an anode system.
Corrosion takes place when an anode and cathode are electrically connected and are
surrounded by an electrically conductive electrolyte, such as moisture in the soil. When
these conditions occur, an electrical current will flow, and the anode will be consumed.

Because magnesium is one of the least noble elements, it makes a superior sacrificial
anode for the protection of underground steel pipelines and structures, and water heaters.
By connecting a magnesium anode to a structure of a different metal, electrical current is
generated that polarizes the structure, making the entire surface cathodic and protection

The suppliers used by Energy Economics, Inc. exceed the chemistry industry standard for
high potential anodes. The chemical composition of the magnesium metal is determined
using the industry’s most sophisticated computer controlled emission spectrometers.
Samples are taken and analyzed at three points in the production process:

  1. Prior to Casting: Primary metal is used which meets the low impurity levels specified.
  2. During Casting: The alloy is checked to insure the optimum chemistry for anode efficiency.
  3. After Casting: Test pieces made during pouring are analyzed to insure chemistry integrity.

The casting parameters are continuously checked to control any variables that may occur

in production. As the anodes come off the casting machine they are weighed to ensure
they meet weight requirements. The anodes are then physically inspected for excessive
shrink cavities, core security and general physical appearance to insure highest quality.


A #12 solid copper lead wire (10’-black is standard) is silver soldered to the ingot core,
and this connection is sealed with coal tar enamel. The magnesium ingots are then
packaged in a cotton bag with a back-fill mixture consisting of 75% gypsum, 20%
bentonite, and 5% sodium sulphate. The packaged anode assembly is sealed in a plastic
outer wrap (this must be removed prior to installation) to protect it from moisture and
abrasion during shipment and storage.

NOTE – A packaged 17# magnesium anode has a shipping weight of approximately 74#.
Pallet quantity = 50 – 17# Anodes


For peace of mind, purchase EEI high-potential magnesium anodes.

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