Rectifier Replacement Projects

Jed Rectifier ReplacementEnergy Economics, Inc. is a distributor for Universal Rectifiers, Inc. and our NACE certified cathodic protection crew installs rectifiers for utilities throughout the country.  Safety and quality are our top priorities.  In addition to rectifier installation, our cathodic protection crew works with utilities on addressing A.C. mitigation concerns ensuring care is given to protect the pipeline in the area from physical damage or future corrosion.  Ask us how our team can install your galvanic or sacrificial anode systems for long-term asset protection.  Contact our team to see how we can partner with you.     1-800-733-2557

Below are a few of the Universal Rectifiers, Inc. products Energy Economics, Inc. carries:

Universal Rectifiers



Universal Rectifier Air Cooled StandardUniversal Rectifier Air Cooled ES I & II Line

Universal Rectifiers Air Cooled Gas Station Series

Universal Rectifiers Air Cooled UT & SW Series

Universal Rectifiers Air Cooled Watertank Line

Universal Rectifiers Air Model TR-3

Universal Rectifiers ODR Oil Cooled Series

Universal Rectifiers Oil Cooled Series

Junction Boxes:

Universal Junction Boxes

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