Refurbished Gas Meters

EEI offers a complete line of refurbished gas measurement products. These include gas meters from domestic size to the largest turbine meters. We also offer a wide range of pressure, temperature and remote instrumentation for most applications. All refurbished equipment is in like-new condition. Meters are overhauled to assure new meter performance at a fraction of the price. All remanufactured equipment has a warranty equivalent to a new meter. Due to the extended lead time or high prices of new meters, our refurbished products can be a great alternative for your company. Energy Economics always has an excellent inventory of gas products to ensure prompt delivery.

To ensure proper calibration of all refurbished meters, EEI uses state of the art proving equipment. All meter technicians are well qualified and have many years of experience. With today’s gas prices meter accuracy is very important. Through the use of our expertise and our equipment we are able to supply you with the properly calibrated meters you need.

Major brands we carry include American, Itron, Sensus/Rockwell, Sprague, and Dresser.

All diaphragm meters are cleaned, lubricated, gaskets replaced, valve covers ground or replaced, leak checked, calibrated and painted.

All rotary meters are flushed, cleaned, tested and painted.

All refurbished meters carry a 1 year warranty on normal usage within specified pressures and flow rates.